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Increase Your Fibre Intake

Healthy Living Tips: Increase your fibre intake

Foods that are rich in dietary fibre are an important part of a heart healthy diet. Studies show that people with healthy hearts tend to eat more fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Foods that are rich in fibre also tend to be low in fat and will help to fill you up - a great way to cut back on kilojoules for easier weight control, better cholesterol management and a healthier lifestyle.

Whole grain is always the best choice for heart health.

Try these four easy steps to increase your fibre intake: 

Step 1 - Think whole grain

Did you know that whole grain pasta contains more than twice the dietary fibre of traditional pasta? When choosing bread, cereals, pasta, rice and couscous, whole grain is always the best choice for heart health. For a smooth transition, start by trying half-and-half for the first few meals and gradually shift the balance in favour of whole grain varieties. 

Step 2 - Tuck into beans and legumes

Beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas are excellent sources of dietary fibre. Get creative in the kitchen with foreign cuisine - Mexican, Indian, Asian and Tuscan dishes all use a mixture of fibre-rich pulses.


Eat more whole fruit, including the skin.

Step 3 - Eat whole fruit

A simple way to increase the dietary fibre in your diet is to eat more whole fruit (including the skin) and drink less fruit juice. For example, one cup of apple juice provides 0.5g of fibre while a medium apple provides over 4 g. Fruit juice also contains more sugar than whole fruit. Opt for a fruit portion with a glass of water.

Step 4 - Focus on vegetables

Give vegetables at least half of the space on your plate at lunch and dinner. Snack on carrot sticks, cucumber, peppers or celery throughout the day. Why not dip them in low-fat hummus for extra fibre and flavour?

When it comes to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is important to always ensure that your meals are prepared with your heart health in mind. For a variety of delicious and healthy recipes, click the link here

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