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Healthy Lunchboxes

Healthy Living Tips: Healthy lunchboxes

Sending your children off to school with a tasty and healthy lunchbox is often easier said than done, especially during the early morning rush! In an effort to make life easier for you, Flora has come up with five tips for healthy and delicious school lunches. Here they are:

Home-made lunches

Making your child’s lunch is by far the best way in which to control what they eat at school. It’s the only way to be 100% aware of the fat, sugar and sodium content and the calorie count in their meals. It also means that they’ll be fully satisfied and less tempted to wander off to the tuck shop!

And, if your family has a history with poor heart health, managing their cholesterol levels is more important than you would think. Try out wedges of fresh fruit, generous sarmies layered with scrumptious and nutritious toppings, or fruit-infused water as a refreshing and tasty drink.

Healthy foods will keep their energy levels up.

Extra tip: Use Flora spread on their sandwiches – it’s not only tasty but also contains 70% less saturated fat than ordinary butter. 

The healthy way to snack

Are your children lacking energy and looking for a boost with sugary snacks? Healthy foods such as wholegrain cereal, fresh fruit, unsalted popcorn, nuts, chopped vegetables, and trail mix are healthier options that will keep their energy levels up. Find more healthy meal ideas here.

After school, give them a vegetable platter or a bowl of fresh fruit.

Send your love in a lunchbox

If your little ones are feeling those back to school blues, perk them up with a loving note from mom or dad.

Beat home-time hunger

If your little ones are feeling peckish after school, give them a vegetable platter with a low-fat dip or hummus, or a bowl of fresh fruit.

Get active

Having a balanced lifestyle is as much about keeping your family active as it is about adopting a healthy eating plan. Find quick and easy activities for the whole family.

After a busy day, and to boost your children’s healthy eating habits, follow up with a delicious dinner that is sure to have your little ones feeling satisfied and happy. While you’re trying to encourage your children to eat a more balanced diet, why not take a look at how you can better your eating habits during office hours?

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