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Don’t Skimp on a Good Night’s Rest

Don’t Skimp on a Good Night’s Rest

Want to say goodbye to those dark rings under your eyes?

Some say that ‘a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for almost anything. We wholeheartedly agree! Not only is getting enough sleep every night good for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, but a lack of sleep can have negative impacts on your body. These effects include weight gain, loss of emotional and physical drive, lower energy reserves, higher levels of stress and mood swings. On the flip side, getting a good night’s sleep can improve your memory, boost creativity, sharpen your attention span throughout the day, help you maintain a healthy weight and keep your stress levels low.

This said, say goodbye to the dark rings under your eyes and have a look below at these energising, life-changing habits to help you sleep better.

How important is having a steady routine?

Adopting a routine that helps you maintain good sleeping habits is the key behind being well rested, energetic and happy. Try to go to bed in the evening and wake up in the morning at the same time every day. What this will do is reset your mind’s ‘sleep clock’ and have it get used to the routine of waking up at a certain time. If you feel like sleeping in now and then on the weekend (like many of us do), give yourself an extra 30-45 minutes to relax in bed. More often than not, sleeping-in is an impossible task for a parent, especially with busy kids awake at 5 am. Take it in turns to have your ‘Me-Time’ on weekends, and to have one-on-one adventures with your kids.

Steer clear of midday naps

Midday naps seem inviting and can be exactly what the body needs at times. The older we get, the harder they are to avoid. But in order to maintain and adopt good sleeping habits, we have to try our very best to avoid these taxing ‘nap attacks’. If you feel yourself dozing off on the couch on a lazy afternoon, get on your feet and find something fun and action packed to do!

It’ll be hard at first…

Changing your sleeping patterns and forcing yourself to go to bed earlier isn’t going to be easy in the beginning. If you find it hard to sleep, try to avoid eating large meals just before bed. Try getting regular exercise, keep your room’s temperature cool (but not too cold) and play yourself some soothing music as you drift off to sleep.

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