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10 Creative Ways to Exercise

10 Creative ways in which to exercise

Here are 10 ideas that will inspire you to exercise.

Whether you're strapped for time or need a little motivation, getting creative with your exercise routine is the best way in which to help boost your workout.

An active and healthy lifestyle is imperative in the fight against bad cholesterol.

Try organising an after-work on-site fitness class.

Pack a portable gym

Water-filled weights and resistance bands will enable you to engage in strength-training anytime, anywhere. If you travel frequently on overnight business trips, ensure that you book into a hotel that has gym facilities or a pool. A change of scenery is great for those who are looking for some variety.

Let the gym come to you

If you have colleagues or neighbours who are also interested in boosting their levels of activity, try organising an after-work on-site fitness class. Ensure that you add a variety of different activities to ensure that people remain interested and get the kind of workout that they’re looking for. This could be a variation of running, yoga, Pilates or HIIT routines.

Turn your commute into a workout

The management of cholesterol levels depends heavily on regular exercise. If your workplace isn't too far away and you’re located in a safe area, switch from driving or using public transport to cycling, running, or walking instead. This will ensure that you get your daily dose of exercise even if that meeting runs late!

Encourage your friends to join you when you work out.

Encourage your friends to join you when you work out.

Sneak in 10 at a time

If it's difficult for you to allocate more than half an hour of your day for exercise, squeeze in just 10 minutes at a time. Try 10 minutes of stretches and sit-ups in the morning, a brisk 10-minute walk with the dog when you get home from work, plus 10 minutes of weights in the evening while you wait for dinner to cook.

Change the way you socialise

Given the choice, catching up with your girlfriends always trumps a heavy workout in the gym. Why not combine the two? Encourage your friends to join you when you work out – make it fun by participating in a variety of different activities. You could join a tennis club and catch up while you're waiting for your court. Or change the venue of your weekly parenting group from long conversations in coffee shops to brisk walks in the park.


Think about ways in which to be active while you're doing something else. For example, do calf raises while talking on the phone. Do lunges and squats while waiting for the microwave, or practice your kickboxing moves while watching TV. A trip to the mall can become a power walk, while taking your dog for a walk can turn into a jog.

Spruce up your exercise regime and grab your partner or a friend and plan weekend day trips.

Take an active break

Plan your annual getaway around an exciting activity: a yoga retreat in a sunny climate, a bike tour across the Western Cape, a kayaking adventure on the Orange River, or a hiking trip through one of the Drakensburg's national parks.

Day trip

Spruce up your exercise regime and grab your partner or a friend and plan weekend day trips! Not only are weekend daytrips fun and exciting, but they also allow you to stretch your muscles and breathe in the fresh air.  Arrange to participate in a walking tour of a nearby town or city, biking in a provincial park or rafting down a river.

Activate the kids

A strong, healthy heart needs to be nurtured from a young age. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, your children will immediately benefit from your lifestyle changes. Ensure that you keep them active by encouraging them to join you on your quest to improve your health. The next time that you're trying to figure out what to do with your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews, think active! Visit a playground where they can run and make use of the climbing gym, or play a round of Frisbee or soccer.

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