Margarine has come a long way since it was first created in France during 1869. Originally created when Napoleon III challenged the country to create a butter substitute for his troops, it has developed in leaps and bounds over the last 146 years. Now tastier than ever before, we want to make sure you understand exactly how it’s made and why it’s great for you and your family.

Whipping It Up

To make margarine all you need is sunflower oil, palm or coconut oil, milk, egg yolk, lemon and salt. It takes less than fifteen minutes and it’s really easy.

You mix the vegetable oils with water, milk, lemon juice, salt (to your taste) and egg yolk – to help the water and oil mix. Then you stir it together and allow it to cool, making sure it’s smooth and soft. Similar to the way you make ice cream.

Our Approach

Flora margarine is made with ingredients that everyone is familiar with: oils – (linseed, sunflower and canola), water, vitamins and minerals. Sustainably and locally sourced in the northern parts of South Africa, sunflower seeds are transported to a refinery after harvesting and crushed to release the good oils within.

Versatility and Taste

All of our margarine ingredients have been carefully selected to make sure Flora is as heart healthy for you as it is tasty. Even a little bit of Flora every day can have an impact on your heart health, because it’s a source of omega 3 and 6 – essential fats that help maintain normal cholesterol levels.